Hari [Dynamic Bones]

Cam's Avis
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THE CHARITY DONATION PERIOD IS OVER (March 26th 2021 - April 24th 2021).

When Hari released, 100% of her profits for the first month went to charity! And thanks to this wonderful VRChat community, Hari has raised $26,302 for charity!! The charity period is now over, thank you for your donations, it really means the world to me.

This is a VRChat avatar by Cam called Hari!

She has 180+ animations and 120+ menu options.


• Automatic microphone mute detection

• Skirt cloth performance settings (cloth, dynamic, off)

15 clothing/accessory/jewelry toggles

• 5 finger nail types

• Outfits completely scratch (minus choker)

• INCLUDED SCRIPT TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN NAMETAG!! (must download Text Mesh Pro - it is free on the Unity Package Manager)

Color Options

• Color shift (includes white and black) on hair and sweater

• Rainbow cycle mode remembers color

• Pastel/Vibrant color pallets on toggles

• Black/White hair base color swap

• Gradient rainbow shift mode for sweater

• Two hair shading modes


• Modified VRLabs Marker | Ambidextrous | Erasable

• 30 particle emotes | 8 text bubbles | Mask with 117 emojis

3.0 Toys

Plushie cat | change size | on head or arms | drop in the world

• Gesture-controlled throwable spring joint | dual spring joints | ambidextrous

• Place in the world, orbit hips, individual feet, and head

• Gesture-controlled throwable kunai | ambidextrous | multiple hand positions

• Flyable gesture-controlled remote control plane!!

• Finger point - send it farther away

• Thumbs up - bring it back


Join my Discord!

Charity Link: https://preventchildabuse.org/

Credits: https://camsavis.github.io/Pages/hari

Everything not listed is made by myself

Terms of Sale

  • Thou shalt not redistribute under any circumstances
  • Thou shalt not take parts off of this product to be used for commercial use
  • Thou shalt not claim this work as your own
  • If thou useth this model on streaming / social media platforms, thou shall credit this Gumroad page
  • Thou shalt never ever useth this model for pornographic material. Ever.
  • Thou shalt enjoy this model
  • Thou art allowed to use any pieces of this model for your own PRIVATE non-transferrable use.
  • Thou shalt not make my model public

• Unity 2019

• Poiyomi Toon 7.3.050

• DynamicBone

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Outfit + Shoes SP Files
1.2 gb (total)
Outfit + Shoes PSD Files
600 mb
Raw Textures
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Blend File
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