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This is a VRChat avatar by Cam called Sophie!

Fully Ambidextrous Gesture Controls!

180+ Animations and 98 Menu Options

🥈💎👑Dependency Reminder Script

Ever forget what dependencies a model needs? No problem!

My script will run automatically on import and will show you what dependencies you are missing, and will even link you to their downloads!

💎👑 Appearance

• 3 Hair Styles | Very smooth dissolve transitions on swap

• 5 Finger Nail Types

• 18 Clothing Toggles

• Audio Link Toggle

• You can see your own hair in first person! (Toggleable)

• 7 Lighting Modes / Modifiers

💎👑 Colors

• 3 Lipstick Colors

• Hair Color slider (rainbow and black/white)

• Primary Color slider (rainbow and black/white)

• Audio Link Color slider (rainbow and black/white)

• Eye Color slider

• Rainbow Cycle Toggle that remembers color

💎👑 VRChat OSC Full Face Tracking Support

All SRanipal shapekeys and 3.0 animator already setup for you for full mouth and eye tracking in VRChat using BenacleJames' facial tracking OSC application

(Pictured below is Remi - she uses the same facial tracking as Sophie)

  • Mouth tracking requires the mouth tracking module by HTC - This is originally designed for the HTC Vive, Vive Pro, and Vive Pro Eye, but there are alternative mounting solutions for Index and Oculus/Meta devices
  • Eye tracking requires a compatible headset such as the Vive Pro Eye or similar solutions such as those offered by Varjo
    • Some people's faces aren't as expressive as others!!
    • This simply provides the shapekeys necessary for facial tracking to work, it is not fine tuned to fit each and every individual person's face!!!

💎👑 Toys

Modded VRLabs Particle Marker | Alternate Control Scheme | Ambidextrous

☆ 6 DeePeeS interaction points

☆ Solar Star ThrowJoint

• Dual Springjoints

• Can orbit Hips, Left Leg, Right Leg, Either Hand, or Both Hands

• Can throw as many as you want with no performance impact!!

☆ Throwable Kunai with Color Shift - NEW FEATURES!!

Now sticks in walls!!

• Can swap between forehand and backhand grips!!

☆ Two anti-horny bats

🥈💎👑GoGo Locomotion

A Complete overhaul of VRChat's default movement. An absolute essential for half body and desktop users

  • 14 custom sit/lay poses
  • Adjustable height in game
  • Disable locomotion in desktop, half body, and full body tracking types
  • 8 emotes with adjustable speed - great for the memes ngl

🥈💎👑"GOOD" Performance version features:

• Short Hair ONLY 

• 5 Finger Nail Types

• Hair Color slider (rainbow and black/white)

• Primary Color slider (rainbow and black/white)

• Audio Link Color slider (rainbow and black/white)

• Rainbow Cycle Toggle that remembers color

• Horns, Glasses, Snakebites Toggle 


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Everything not listed is made by myself.


• PoiyomiToon 7.3.050 and 8.0.426

• Unity 2019.4.29f1

Terms of Sale

  • Thou shalt not redistribute under any circumstances
  • Thou shalt not take parts off of this product to be used for commercial use
  • Thou shalt not claim this work as your own
  • If thou useth this model on streaming / social media platforms / advertisements, thou shall credit this Gumroad page
  • Thou shalt never ever useth this model for pornographic material. Ever.
  • Thou shalt enjoy this model
  • Thou art allowed to use any pieces of this model for your own PRIVATE non-transferrable use.
  • Thou shalt not make my model public
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