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Throwjoint Free

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Throwjoint Free

Cam's Avis
164 ratings

Throwjoint by Cam

Link to Throwjoint PRO:


Throwjoint Features:

A gesture-controlled spring-joint that can swap between hands and even throw.

Thrown Object Behavior Modifiers:

- No gravity

- Faster bouncing

- Speed Limit

- Never-ending trails


Throwjoint PRO Specific Features:

- Multi-throw toggle will let you throw up to 5 objects

- Works in mirrors - Throwjoint LITE falls to the ground in mirrors

- Official support for changing the object, Throwjoint LITE buyers will not have this support.

- When in springjoint mode, Throwjoint PRO will not follow your head movement like most springjoints

- Shooty Mode toggle will let you shoot the Throwjoint like a gun

- Dual Mode will split Throwjoint into two individually controllable Throwjoints - one on each hand!


Throwjoint PRO Install Guide:

Throwjoint PRO Usage Guide:


Requires latest VRChat 3.0 SDK and Poyomi Toon


Dont redistribute.

Credit me lol.

You can use this commercially.

Don't sell on its own or put on public/free models.

Credit for Ghost:

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